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Would you like to be able to have as much time as you need to discuss anything and everything with someone you know and trust throughout your pregnancy and postnatal period?

Having your own midwife provides such care. I have been working as an independent midwife for more than 2 decades. I love working with families. It defines me. I am passionate about women and birth and I feel my work is a privilege.

Historically women have always known the person who cares for them throughout their pregnancy and birth and early newborn period. It makes a difference to the woman if she knows and trusts who is with her along this journey.

Despite ‘better’ outcomes – never before have we seen so many women after birth feeling emotionally traumatised, depressed, anxious or totally unprepared for the challenge of caring for their newborn.

Having your care from a known midwife provides you with one to one care throughout your pregnancy birth and early postnatal period.

Pregnancy and birth is a transformative process. For a woman to be able to birth normally she needs to feel safe, nurtured, unobserved, cared for, important, valued, loved, trusted and most importantly relaxed. Birth is a psychosexual event not a medical drama. If one considers this as a possibility, then it is no wonder that women birth so triumphantly in the comfort of her own home – surrounded by those who know and love her. And of course the opposite is true – if you take her out of her warm, quiet home into a stark bright hostile environment into a room full of strangers and expect her to do this most intimate and private thing – it is no wonder so many women require pain relief and all kinds of ‘help’ to give birth.



Birth matters because the journey through pregnancy and birth offers an irreplaceable way for women to explore their deepest selves – their mind, bodies and nature. Such self discovery can help prepare them for the often hard and under appreciated job of motherhood – in a world now full of historically unique and complex challenges. There is a sacred power in the innately feminine capacity of giving birth. It is the only elemental, continuing processes of nature that women have the chance to experience and it is the one act of human creation that is not shared by men. Birth has the potential to be the most empowering experiences of a woman’s life – a new dimension of mind-body awareness.

Ina May Gaskin.


Whether this is your first baby or your last – having one to one personalised midwifery care is the gold standard for women – this has been proven time and again in studies all over the world.

Choosing to have your own midwife is the best start to life with a baby.

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I am an eligible midwife which means most women can get a rebate from Medicare for up to a third of the fee, the rest is tax deductible.


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